FATHER MURPHY - 'Lamentations' 10"


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Avant-Garde / Drone / Psych-Rock
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Father Murphy - the Italian duo comprised of Rev. Murphy and Chiara Lee - teamed up with producer Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen) for this EP. “Lamentations” completes Father Murphy's 2015 Trilogy Of The Cross, which started with Calvary, followed by Croce. Inspired by a not exactly orthodox reading of the Book of Jeremiah and by the tradition of the Holy Week Lamentations, the band recorded two long compositions. The death-tone of the Reverend's guitar is replaced by a trumpet with the same death-tone, Chiara Lee's half-childish half-demonic vocals, the buzzing drones that wrap the duo's sound in an uncomfortable, suffocating aura are all still there but this time there is also something different. There is a new, almost “hidden reverse Britain” vibe and also an aftertaste of that kind of weird, twisted, turned inside-out / upside-down psychedelic black metal played by groups like Urfaust and Striborg. The B-side closes with a locked groove. Ltd x 400 copies with 3 postcards.

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