MAURIZIO BIANCHI - 'Mectpyo / Blut' 2 x CD


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Industrial / Noise
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Reissue of one of MB's extremely early cassettes, originally released in 1980. "This release marks the transition from using the name Sacher Pelz to M.B. and was his first official release as M.B. Four pieces here, each about 22 minutes (hence this being a c90 when it came out), and in each of these pieces M.B. plays around with some low fidelity means, such as spinning records by hand and taping them to reel-to-reel machines, cutting them into crude loops and playing around with these. Each of these pieces could be divided into separate pieces of music itself. It's not as distorted as some of his later work, and also the use of effects, such as his much beloved delay pedal on his later records from his early days... There is always something captivating about what M.B. does" (Vital Weekly). Ltd x 250 copies in a gatefold digisleeve.

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