RAMLEH - 'Conquest Play / Clockwork' 12"


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Power Electronics / Noise-Rock
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Brand new release from Ramleh on the new label from Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh, JFK, AX, Novatron), featuring 2 new and exclusive tracks. The A side, "Conquest Play" captures the 2 piece electronic line-up of the band in full, devastating effect in the studio. "...a full-on wall of grotesque industrial noise abruptly bursts forth from Lucifer’s trapped nerve and it’s pure pain... here there’s a clear emphasis on the noise itself, whatever the source, as long as it’s completely numbing". The B side features the definitive studio recording of the live favourite "Clockwork" as recorded by the 3 piece Rock line-up. "Low rumbles grumble at a multitude of distortions to achieve this cathartic racket, before some hideous remnant of a guitar or bass tries to make itself heard". Both of these tracks are exclusive to this release only and will not be re-issued in any form in the future. Ltd x 200 copies on heavyweight vinyl in a disco bag. Already sold out from the label!

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