OCEAN FLOOR - 'Jupiter' LP


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Experimental / Ambient / Drone
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None (Self-Released)

Ocean Floor (aka Patrick Fox) is an experimental artist from Bristol. "Jupiter" features minimalist organ harmonies and dense synth explorations, melded together in a cloud of reverb. "Jupiter is chock full of murky, rippling melodic textures, organs and repeating patterns, occasionally building to sparkles but also taking time out for the organs to play some extended sequences of chords; close to Zimmer’s interpretation of space... The recurring, whirring organ makes the whole thing seem like a majestic tour of the universe, more humbling than out-of-this-world. It’s almost the space version of Aine O’Dwyer’s Music for Church Cleaners, just with the occasional subtle synth shuffling by instead of cloister dusters." Ltd x 150 copies with download code.

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