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Drone / Experimental
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- Cold Spring -

A legendary sound collaboration formed of two lengthy pieces. The first track features Andrew Chalk (Mirror, Ora, Ferial Confine) gently reworking the sound materials of Ralf Wehowsky (P16.D4). A hypnotic, slowly-evolving drone with waves of mysterious sounds, static and glitches. The second piece, on the other hand, finds Ralf Wehowsky composing a frenzied journey into otherworldly realms using sound material from Andrew Chalk and Eric Lanzillotta (Eye Music). These pieces reflect a sound unique from the work of any of the three individual participants, but clearly related. Subtle, but full of detail for the willing listener. Originally issued as limited coloured vinyl only on Lanzillotta's label Anomalous Records in 1998. Cover painting by Andrew Chalk. Remastered for CD from the original master recordings. Digipak.

"a work of subtlety and mass where sonic details and slow developments are close to noise and meditation is close to action. There's no need to use a bunch of word to describe the reissue of a great work. Absolutely recommended." (4/5, Chain D.L.K.)

"Debemos aplaudir a Cold Spring por su genial iniciativa, ya que “Yang-Tul” es una obra maestra que ha pasado casi desapercibida para muchos durante todos estos años, y que ahora vuelve a ser nombrada y descubierta." (9.75/10, Mentenebre)

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