FRANCISCO LOPEZ - 'Machines' 2 x CD


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Minimal / Drone
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Elevator Bath

"Machines" collects four pieces recorded from 2004-2007, each of which is based upon sounds of machinery (clocks, elevators, and various laboratory and factory equipment) gathered, respectively, in Amsterdam, Leipzig, Barcelona, and Riga. Yes, these compositions are permeated by an "industrial" sound, but these are very subtle arrangements, even with a wide dynamic scope and with silence playing a lesser role than in much of López' output. There is a strong rhythmic presence in these recordings, heavy with the weight of machinery. Thick sounds held in crisp clarity. "Machines" offers an involving listening experience, drawing the listener deep into the various locales of its sources. And with a running time of more than two and a half hours, this is a substantial and important addition to the world of absolute concrete music by one of the most distinguished and distinctive artists in the field. Ltd x 500 copies, packaged inside an elegant printed sleeve with a fold-out insert featuring coluor photography by the composer. Printed with soy-based ink on 100% recycled paper.


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