NURSE WITH WOUND - 'The Surveillance Lounge' 2 x LP


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Experimental / Drone
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Norton North

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“The Surveillance Lounge” was released in 2009 by Steven Stapleton with Andrew Liles and is now finally pressed on vinyl for the first time. 4 tracks, one for each side: on the first “Close to you instantly” opens a different dimension made by slow piano sound waves, 15 minutes of pure rarefied atmosphere, a spiritual vision of a ritual focused on a dusky note in this hypnotic broken record. The second “The Golden Age Of Telekinesis” trembles in the deep listening of mysterious reverberations, a clear attempt to breathless run after the flash of a nightmare to drop into a chaotic hole made of screaming voices. The third titled “The Part Of Me Which Is That Part In You Is Now Dead” calmly introduce the listener in a peaceful landscape to make him experience a dissonant reality. The last “Yon Assassin Is My Equal” announces the end of a mental voyage towards whispers of recurring litanies and slowed voices in continuous metamorphosis. This is, without doubt, one of the most representative album by Nurse With Wound. Artwork: Babs Santini. Voices: Freek Kinkelaar, Maude Swift, Melon Liles, Miranda Kinkelaar, Nadja Belabidi, Olly Louis Mathura O'Keeffe, David Tibet. The sleeve appears with a surrealistic portrait on the front face, a close-up of a man smoking a cigarette fused with a partial view of a lake. The artwork by Babs Santini captures the eye with a subtle altered perspective point of view in which the seer can submerge. Ltd x 800 copies on black or white vinyl in a deluxe numbered gatefold sleeve.

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