PARADE GROUND - 'A Room With A View' LP


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EBM / New Wave
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Other Voices Records

Parade Ground - composed of brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly - started performing live in 1981. They were pioneers of Cold Wave and EBM. Their first single, 'Moan on the sly', was released in 1983 and they remained active until now. Their style has evolved during the 80'ss, passing from an icy and radical cold wave to a more dancy sound with noticeable rhythmics and exclusively synthetic melodies, mixed up with dreamy visual dadaism. They regularly collaborated with members of Front 242, were produced by English producer Colin Newman (Wire) and wrote and composed on two Front 242 albums in 1994. "A Room With A View" is a missing link in band's long career. All tracks were originally recorded at Lights studio Brussels in 1988 and officially released only in 2012 as extra limited cassette. "Pop for people who hate pop" (Peek-A-Boo Magazine). Now finally reissued on vinyl in an edition of just 200 copies.

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