O PARADIS - 'Eon (1999-2015)' 2 x CD


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Neofolk 'n' Pop / Romantic / Mediterranean
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Two and a half hours of the best moments of Ô Paradis chosen by Demian. 40 songs from the wide Ô Paradis discography generated since 1999. It takes us on the journey through the world of love and solitude, creation and destruction, birth and death. Some songs represent important moments in artist’s life, some show his inspirations and musical friendship like the one shared with J. from Nový Svět. You will find acoustic guitars and electronic loops, movie samples and classic melodies, Demian's rough voice - everything you have ever experienced with Ô Paradis' music. Barcelona's Ô Paradis was created by Demian Nada in late 90’s. The music is often described as a psychedelic folk, but you can also find electronic beats, samples, and catchy pop melodies. Double digipak.

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