FAKE CATS PROJECT - 'Russian Canon' CD

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Experimental / Psych-Rock
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Frozen Light

Russian Canon is the first CD of the Moscow based Fake Cats Project. The title certainly doesn’t mean the seventeen pieces form the Russian Canon, rather they are in search of it. They try to avoid Russian clichés, but sometimes play with them. There are no folk songs accompanied by bayan (the Russian Accordion) though you will hear Kiriill Makushin playing bayan. They don’t play typical Russian rock, though Alexey Borisov is a luminary of Russian rock himself, of the bands Nochnoi Prospect and Tsentr. This is not an album of the Russian intelligentsia, singing their sad, simple songs around the kitchen table, though some fragments were recorded by Igor Levshin in Alexey’s kitchen. Ltd x 300 copies in a hand-numbered digisleeve.

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