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Industrial / Experimental / Interview
Record Label:
- Cold Spring -

The official release of the infamous 1988 film THE SOUND OF PROGRESS. This DVD has been completely remastered / authored from the original master film stock. The documentary shows the mindset of the some of the most original and influential artists of the experimental scene. An unprecedented insight into the workings, the methods and the ideas that made these names legendary. Filmed in Hamburg, Amsterdam and London.


Interviews – live material – studio work – opinion. DVD case with 6 panel booklet containing liner notes by David Keenan. The DVD also includes a gallery of never before seen pictures of each band.

Director: Alexander Oey Producer: Marc Van Der Bijl / Justin Mitchell

PAL Region 0 / Region Free.

"The Sound of Progress is vital watch for anyone interested in the esoteric counter-culture. It shows a movement that impacted so many at the time (and continues to do so via the albums that these artists released) and still resonates to this day... A great film and one that is highly recommended." (Louder Than War)

"It is great to see these angry young men hammering out their statements on what we may now see quite differently. Maybe the world of 1988 wasn't that bad compared to 2016, with more and more poor people feeling dissatisfied and demanding (and getting!) strong leadership. The cold war ended and is now replaced by just coldness and love (Crass!) seems far away... there is no authority than yourself" (Vital Weekly)

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