PANKOW - 'Fuckart (A Symphony For Wankers)' Enhanced CD


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Industrial / Experimental
Record Label:
Minus Habens

VERY RARE album from 2004! Mint.

Part of the first session of studio recordings which produced "Life Is Offensive And Refuses To Apologise". The track has been recorded "live" - composed and performed at the same time. The vocals, just like the music, were recorded only once, without any dubbing or editing, and the imperfections have been saved in order to keep the original spirit of the recording. It was a unique experience, a hot summer night, a loop, a few computers and synthesizers rattling erratically at 20 bpm. The piece was recorded secretly without fear of interruption. Also included is the live video of "Das Gewicht Der Welt", shot in Recanati during an exciting concert. Ltd x 500 copies in a white jewelcase.

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