PANKOW - 'Life Is Offensive And Refuses To Apologise' CD


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Industrial / Dark Ambient / Electro
Record Label:
Minus Habens

VERY RARE album from 2003! Sealed.

"Pankow are back! And to make it even more surprising they reactivated the Bukowski of electronic body music Alex Spalck... At first listen it sounded weird, at second listen you started paying attention and from the third one onward I couldn't put the album down. Minimal rhythms, sometimes only one or two sounds characterizing a song, a bunch of electronic sound washes in the background and again and again Spalck's signature voice, marking the electronic pulse of the tracks. Spoken word electronics with rhythm training wheels, cleverly bridging elastic old school EBM and Plastikman redux-techno as if it was the most natural thing on earth. Experimental soundtracks with crystal-clear production values becoming more mysterious with each listen. There is pumping tracks as well, most certainly able to impress any dance floor, but the intensity Pankow is known for can now better be found in the tracks that slowly circle the vocals... My special recommendation." (Side-Line). Comes with slipcase.

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