MAURIZIO BIANCHI - 'Mikromusicha' CD


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Experimental /Microtonal / Noise
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EE Tapes

"The term Mikromusicha means that branch of the sound world that deals with infinitesimal molecules interact with the neuronal apparatus of the individual fully aware of its limitations. For its characteristic developing sound within the membranes of the linear modulation experimental, Mikromusicha fits nicely with the deepest emotions and intimate passions. I wanted to transfer the same feelings through five sections, finely machined, so as to bring the listener into the world of the most visceral spirituality, to his eternal benefit" (M.B.). M.B. played microtonal electronics and infinitesimal noises. Dedicated to microtonal artist Akifumi Nakajima/AUBE (1959-2013). Folded card sleeve. Ltd x 100 copies only!

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