SKOLL / URUK-HAI - 'Through The Mountains Mist They Came' CD

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Pagan Ambient / Viking Metal
Record Label:
Aphelion Productions

A split release of pagan ambient music courtesty of Austria's Uruk-Hai, and folk tinged viking metal courtesy of Italian metal project Skoll. Playing a mixture of folk metal with ambient black metal twists and some Gothic inspired vocals, Skoll leap out of the blocks on this split release with three lengthy songs that set the scene nicely for some of the themes of this release: mist, trees, and the cold barren plains of Middle Earth, at times reminding of Tristania circa their 'Widow's Weed' period. Uruk-Hai presents ambient tracks in their recognisable style, some with ethereal female vocals and choral parts. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.

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