OLD WITCH - 'Come Mourning Come' CD


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Doom-Drone / Black Metal
Record Label:
Sun & Moon Records

Old Witch's debut is crushing but atmospheric doom metal shrouded by a dark veil of early 90s black metal feeling. The music of dead oak forests, the sound of chilling ghostly nights, Old Witch makes sublime ethereal art, but bringing the massive sound, making them a strange beast in the current underground. "Bleak, depressing, anguished, tormented. All of these are adjectives that I could use to describe this album. A blistering mix of black, drone and doom layered with some beautiful atmospheric parts, all blended perfectly that will leave you under the spell of Old Witch... The music is amazing, awesome lyrics, well performed, full of rich textures and layers... undoubtedly one of the most interesting must-listen drone/doom albums that all avid fans of these genres must hear. A dark, mystical and beautiful journey into the vast and unknown territories of heavy music" (Cvlt Nation). Digipak.

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