VA - 'Jubilee Jamboree - 10 Years of TuT/RuR' 2 x LP


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Electro / Industrial / Neofolk / Experimental / Synth-pop
Record Label:
Treue Um Treue

Jubilee compilation celebrating 10 years of (T)reue Um (T)reue's existence. This double album follows the same conceptual pattern as the TuT/RuR "tribute" compilations. Each artist has been invited to choose another artist's song from the label's roster and cover, remix, or re-interpret it to his heart's content. Rediscover 23 TuT/RuR classics in unexpected and exciting new disguises! Features: 1997EV,A2, Ad Absurdum, Alone, Bruta Non Calculant, Burial Hex, Circulation Of Light, De Grace, Dolina, Echo West, Endphase, Escama Serrada, Kinit Her, LoPh, Nature Morte & Bex, Niedowierzanie, Notre Dessein, Novy Svet, Spettro Family, Teatro Satanico, TZii, UZH/ VH, and Wermut

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