WERRA - 'MMI-MMV (Revisited)' CD


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While German Neofolk was in it's early days, the year 2001 saw the foundation of the duo :Werra:. Over the next couple of years several songs saw the light of the day, all written at several bonfires within nature's palm. They were recorded and reworked between 2003-2005 and appeared on a number of compilations. However, it wasn't until 2012 until the debut "MMI-MMV“ was released. The eight songs reveal the spirit of early German neofolk - a return to ancestral traditions as well as the search for cultural identity and the longing for a new, and hopefully better world. Musically and conceptually close to Forseti and Darkwood. Features a guest appearance from Cornelius Waldner (Sagittarius). Now revisited, this expanded reissue includes 5 previously unreleased tracks (3 demo tracks and 2 new recordings). Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak.

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