MOLOCH - 'Meine Alte Melancholie' CD


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Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Frozen Light

A reissue of the first pure Dark Ambient album by Ukrainian Raw Black metal / Dark Ambient project Moloch. The album was recorded live in the Carpathian forests during Winter-Spring 2007 - the first of Moloch's albums recorded in this way. Later many Moloch albums were created live on Reel-to-reel / open-reel (audio) tape recorder in pseudo-stereo mode, with all the background sounds and without PC or any programs in post-production. Previously released on various labels on cassette and CDR, this is the first time "Meine Alte Melancholie" has been issued on a factory-pressed CD. 63 minutes of coldness. Stereo-remastered with bonus tracks and presented in a 6-panel digipak. Ltd x 102 copies only!~

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