NORDVARGR - 'Murkhr' LP & CD


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Dark Ambient
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Old Europa Cafe

Nordvargr makes a triumphant return to the dark ambient scene after a few years of silence. "Murkhr " is a multi-format release that spans over a whole vinyl LP and CD and is probably among the most dark journeys into sound that has been made in the studio at Villa Bohult. Imagine the deepest passages from his debut "Awaken" being mixed with solemn orchestrations and shamanistic chants. "Mörker" is Swedish for darkness. "Murk" is English for dark, obscure, "Murkhr" is something in between: murky darkness and obscurity. The LP comes in a beautiful full-colour gatefold sleeve including: CD in full-colour card sleeve, 2 full-colour inserts printed on a special quality cardboard and a Nordvargr button. Ltd x 243 hand-numbered copies only!

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