CAZZODIO - 'Il Tempo Della Locusta' CD


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Power Electronics
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Old Europa Cafe

Reissue of the cult 1998 release on Malignant Records / Black Plagve. Cazzodio was the first incarnation of P/S, now recording under the Naxal Protocol monicker and a member of the Italo-Japanese unit CazzoKraft. A hidden gem in the vast tradition of Italian industrial, "Il Tempo della Locusta" was a seminal album, a precursor of a strand of rhythmic power electronics that became more popular in the new millennium. A cult work, allegedly inspirational for many heavy electronics noisemakers from the following generation. The original mastering (by Stone Glass Steel) emphasized wall-shaking low frequencies and skull-piercing hi frequency buzzes, and we offer listeners the original tracks, in their raw and barren beauty. If you missed this album the first time round, it is time for you to relive the glory days of Italian PE Industrial. Digipak.

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