MAURIZIO BIANCHI / BAD SECTOR / SIGILLUM S - 'Endometrio / Endometrio De-Composto' 2 x CD


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Old Europa Cafe
A reissue of a seminal and innovative album by the MB of the very first era. This is one of the first chapters in the Industrial movement. "Endometrio" was first released in 1982 by MB and is one of the first and seminal albums of the Industrial movement de-composed and self-released by Maurizio Bianchi. This new edition was completely remastered and offers a bonus second CD with 2 remixes of the original tracks made by two premier Italian projects of the Industrial and Experimental-Ambient scene - Bad Sector and Sigillum S. A milestone which can finally be heard with not only with the best sound standards but also with the old spirit of his original roots. Double digipak.

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