TUNNELS OF AH - 'Surgical Fires' CD (CSR226CD)


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Industrial / Esoteric
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- Cold Spring -

Following the sulphureous sting of 2015's 'Thus Avici', Tunnels Of Āh's third album, 'Surgical Fires' is a dense, fermentative working. Asemic vocals are sunk beneath an alienated electronic landscape of seismic drones and paranormal frequencies. Loss, gain, conflict, resolution, decay and transformation as an initiatory path is the current running through 'Surgical Fires'; the surgery alluded to in the title being psychic surgery. With original album artwork by Stephen Āh Burroughs (HEAD OF DAVID) and a vocal contribution from London-based ritual artist Soror Anji Cheung, 'Surgical Fires' is another singular Tunnels Of Āh release evasive of categorisation.


"...dark, dank and unsettling, like being buried under clods of black earth." (Electronic Sound)

"Surgical Fires best fits Tunnels of Āh intent: This is psychick war... Tunnels of Āh may fit into a lineage of esoteric and occultic music but Stephen Āh Burroughs is on a path of his own making... Surgical Fires is another great singular release from the restless, unsettling mind of Tunnels of Āh." (Compulsion)

"...eight tracks of low, creeping misery. Dark and fairly hypnotic, Surgical Fires will draw the listener into a bleak world on the edge of destruction... Seeing the growth from Lost Corridors to Surgical Fires is really inspiring, and done in a relatively short period of time. Scaling back on the over the top vocals and letting the sonic activity move to the forefront has really helped Tunnels of Ah craft a solid, creepy, well done album". (Musique Machine)

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