CAWATANA - 'Comprende' CD


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Gradual Hate Records

Hungarian apocalyptic folk band Cawatana returns to their roots with a special release. The purpose of the new CD is to collect the songs from (mostly long sold out) compilations, vinyl and split releases that were written and published in the first 15 years of the band, onto one album. All songs were re-recorded in 2016 (some have been slightly reworked). Additionally a new (previously unreleased) version of an old song has been recorded for this release. 10 songs in the "classic Cawatana style": acoustic guitar-based Neofolk with Martial Industrial and Neoclassical influences, with the classic lineup of the band including both founding members Kiss Balazs and Sörös Gergö. A must for all of those who miss the 'old' sound of Cawatana. Digipak with 12-page booklet, containing all the lyrics and information about the songs.

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