RAPOON - 'Moon And Cups Quarter 4' 7"


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Ethno-Ambient / Experimental
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Ultra-Mail Prod.

Fourth and final chapter in Rapoon's 'Moon And Cups' series. Rapoon is the ethno-ambient musical project of Robin Storey; a former member of Zoviet France. "I based the music on the megalithic rock carvings, which are in abundance where I live in NE England... I based the music on visits to sites in Northumberland, particularly Lordenshaw where whole areas of the hillsides are covered with exposed rock faces all of which are intricately carved with cup and ring glyphs. These places inspire a real sense of the past and of the understanding of cosmology at the time they were carved. Many have been identified as accurate depictions of the relationships between some star constellations and galaxies visible through the naked eye. The sites themselves are always located in beautiful parts of the wild landscape of Northumberland that I have grown to love so much. Clear vinyl with two artcards. Limited to just 75 copies - very few copies in stock!!

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