IGNIS FATUUS - 'In Our Mad Bliss' CD


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Neoclassical / Ethereal
Record Label:
Eibon Records

Back in 1998, Ignis Fatuus released one of the most impressive debut albums ever - "The Futility Goddess" (on Cold Spring). Their astonishing mixture of neoclassical, ambient, wave (with amazing vocal contributions from SWANS-singer Jarboe) gathered a load of positive feedback from everywhere. Now, almost 8 years later, Ignis Fatuus strike back with "In Our Mad Bliss". Dark, warm, rich, gloomy music that transcends boundaries and defies definitions. Fairy-tinted musical scenarios, impressive female vocals, a sensual and seductive journey through a gently illuminated nocturnal world. Let yourself be cherished by the wonderful melodies of this magical universe... Let the fairies fly in... .6-panel digisleeve. 

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