CAZZODIO - 'Surgical / Mechanical' 2 x CD


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Power Electronics
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Eibon Records

Selected Noise Works 1996/2001. Heavy industrial rhythmic structures, saturated analogue electronics and an enraged anti-authoritarian attitude. Remastered for maximum piercing loudness from the original master tapes, this double CD collects hard-to-find and previously unreleased material from the rusted years of Cazzodio, and will appeal both to stalwart followers and to a younger generation that was never exposed to this project's furious subversive assault. The 'Surgical' disc revisits the harsh noise and unstructured power electronics sound of Cazzodio's early work. The 'Mechanical' disc offers several of the harsh industrial heavy electronics tracks that appeared in compilations on both sides of the Atlantic, along with previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1997. If you thought that 1990s Italian power electronics could only be darkly atmospheric and morbidly nihilist, this long-awaited re-release will make you change your mind. Life is tired of rickety lovers. Double CD in a 6-panel digisleeve.

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