YEN POX - 'Between The Horizon And The Abyss' CD


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Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Malignant Records

"Between The Horizon And The Abyss" is Yen Pox's first full length recording in over 15 years. On the rare occasion that recordings do arise, it's nothing short of masterful, reminding listeners why they've achieved such notoriety with such a limited discography, and why their recordings are consistently recognized as benchmarks within the dark ambient genre. "Between The Horizon And The Abyss" is remarkably polished and fluid. Within its realm, no seconds feel wasted, and every sound feels purposefully placed, even as it moves and flows in perpetual motion; strains of distant angelic choirs fall beneath a complex array of arcing tones, liquidous, molten textures, and harrowing orchestral shimmer, with fervent masses of malevolent atmospherics billowing forth in glorious detail. While this technically falls under the banner of dark ambient, what Yen Pox has managed to create goes far beyond genre specifications and boundaries, crafting a new benchmark and adding a high water mark to an already stellar discography. 6-panel digipak.

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