LARK BLAMES - 'The Reins Of Life' CD


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Music Concrete / Ambient / Experimental
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Ur Muzik

Lark Blames was founded in 2005 by Lloyd James (Naevus) and Marc Blackie (Sleeping Pictures). While the initial recordings collected on their acclaimed debut album “Chimney” (Old Europa Cafe, 2006) are improvisatory in nature, the new body of work on their second, “The Reins of Life”, constitutes a far more considered and assured collection. The album represents a significant step forward for the duo, who continue to defy categorisation while producing their most masterful and accessible work to date. Live drums and bass provide driving rhythms, alongside brass, acoustic guitar and programmed percussion. Aleatory techniques collide with atmospheric layers, musique concrete meets retro synth textures and the familiar Lark Blames lunacy make an appearance too. 6-panel digipak. Polish import.

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