LA BREICHE 'Le Mal Des Ardents' CD (CSR224CD)


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Dark Folk / Ritual / Dark Ambient
Record Label:
- Cold Spring -

LA BREICHE ("the witch") features two well-known musicians: Arexis and Lafforgue of Stille Volk - a band best known since 1994 as one of the pioneers of Pagan Folk in Europe - and of Pagan Black French band Sus Scrofa. "Le Mal Des Ardents" ("Holy Fire") is a concept album about fears, terrors, about the balance between folklore and reason, myth and common sense, light and darkness, past and present, modernity and archaism. The album marries minimalism, purity, a fine approach and ancient instruments: traditional music (hurdy gurdy, shawm, polyphonies, percussion, gongs); the gloom of oppressive dark ambient; the slow pace of ritual music, wavering between modernity and archaism. Voices rise towards beauty, lifting it away from some occult mud. Holy Fire takes us back to a forgotten world - a primal, ancient, wild and free world, pervaded by secret dances of sorcerers', unfathomable forests, remote and lifeless places. 6-panel digipak.

"...sept morceaux qui, de ses racines pyrénéo-médiévales s’étend vers le dark ambient, une musique envoûtante, fervente et solennelle dont "la modernité à travers l’archaïsme" colle l’âme dans les airs... fascinant et inspirant de bout en bout pour qui voit naître dans sa tête des images qui vont avec. Au casque dans le noir, la réussite est totale". (5/5, Nawakulture)

"Production-wise the album walks a fine line between expansive open atmospheres and cold claustrophobic ones as if moving through a landscape of forest, caves and rolling hills. It is dark, but incredibly cinematic in its scope that it begs for intimate and contemplative listening... The end result is a breathtakingly haunting picture painted with music." (Intravenous Magazine)

"...eerie mysterious works, seemingly transmitted from long ago, perfectly preserved... the album serves a view into a great journey one that presents beautiful melodic moments within the nebulous drones... Downright beautiful in its exploration of dark impulses." (Beach Sloth)

"Feeling like something lifted straight out of time, Le Mal Des Ardents makes interesting use of archaic sounds and feelings and places them into a modern language... Making use of traditional instruments, La Breiche adds an authenticity that greatly adds to the gravity of the recording." (Musique Machine)

" remembers how music was an accompaniment to other ritual activities rather than a form of entertaiment... recommended to curious ears that could find how the seed of minimalism, now narrated as a result of modernity, has a much longer story. Listen with care" (Chain DLK).

"La degna conclusione di un lavoro altamente suggestivo ed assolutamente credibile, sapientemente creato da artisti di grande esperienza che sanno bene come tradurre in musica l'oscurità dei secoli perduti, piegando stilemi più moderni al fascino di un suono magnificamente antico". (Darkroom Magazine)

"La Breiche a frappé fort, mais avec une subtilité exquise qui donne par la même occasion vie à un événement médiéval mineur mais ô combien prenant. C’est le moins qu’on puisse dire alors même que Le Mal des Ardents n’a qu’à claquer des doigts pour nous faire succomber... Le Mal des Ardents est un album minimaliste, mais dont la richesse n’a que peu d’égal" (Heidnir)

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