NAEVUS - 'Relatively Close To The Sea' CD


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Neofolk / Post-Rock / Experimental
Record Label:
Hau Ruck!

For the sixth Naevus album, Lloyd James, Joanne Owen and the late John Murphy (Knifeladder, Last Dominion Lost, Shining Vril) were joined by contributors Greg Ferrari (Womb), Joanna Quail (SonVer), Matt Howden (Sieben) and Arthur Shaw (Cutty Sark) . Dominic O'Connor (eulogised in Silent Life's ‘Dominic Song') is there in spirit - the album includes a cover version of one of his compositions, previously unreleased in any form. Many of the tracks branch out in a range of directions different to the previous album, "Silent Life"; existential pop, Schlager-esque murder balladry, slide guitar and lo-fi synth elements. 6-panel digipak with a 12 page booklet including lyrics.

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