6COMM & FREYA ASWYNN - 'The Fruits Of Yggdrasil' CD


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Neofolk / Ritual
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Hau Ruck!

Yggdrasil is the cosmic ash tree, it is Odin's steed and gallows from whence the runes were delivered to the world. It is the tree of life, a complexity of meanings enlarged and enriched by the music of this CD. The music and lyrics here are a means of initiation into the Northern mysteries. Patrick's powerful, thunderous and sensitive backing music to Freya's spoken and chanted poetry and runecalls capture the elemental magick and energies of the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse mysteries and the shamanic energy of the Runes. The music ranges from conveying the maelstrom of a curse to the delicate melodic harp tracery of a hymn of praise to Wotan. Whether martial cacophony of percussion, or delightfully melodic, the whole album has the hallmark of a genuine grimoire. Here is magick of intent, a synthesis of fire and ice, a reminder that these elder beings are not dead! Comes in a silver foil-blocked 6-panel digipak. 

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