NYTT LAND - 'Fimbulvinter' CD (CSR234CD)


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Ritual / Nordic Folk
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- Cold Spring -

Notably outstanding on the Russian scene and largely compared with the legendary Wardruna, NYTT LAND are unique in their devotion to ritual Northern music and tradition. Their approach, using genuine native hand-crafted instruments, and true Old Norse, help them to grasp the true spirit of ancient Northern music like no one in Eastern Europe has done before. Their music is mostly based on the sources from Poetic Edda, performed in original Old Islandic.

"Fimbulvinter" is enriched with instruments like bagpipes and trembita (Alpine horn), and throat singing skillfully used to illustrate the occurrence of the forces of chaos; chthonic monsters in the world of men and gods. Fear and powerlessness alongside belief in the coming revival, renewal.

All Scandinavian mythology is permeated with fatalism, humbleness to fate. The same mood saturates "Fimbulvinter". The first part is dedicated to the creation of the world and people, embodying the warm seasons. The second half to winter, the death of all living things.

6-panel digipak featuring all lyrics.

"This is a beautiful, engaging epic release... To say this music resembles a film soundtrack does it nowhere near enough justice as it is far grander and needs no visual accompaniment to have impact. I cannot recommend this release highly enough." (Midlands Metalheads)

"Was die nordische Tradition betrifft, so sind Nytt Land einer der wenigen Vertreter, die sich damit intensiv befassen... Nichtsdestotrotz ist und bleibt "Fimbulvinter" eine interessante Angelegenheit und wer nordische Folklore und rituellen Folk in seiner Sammlung hat, der sollte sich diesen Silberling aus der Manufaktur Cold Spring Records nicht entgehen lassen." (Raben Report)

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