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Russian Post-Industrial / Dark Ambient / Neoclassical
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This collection includes compositions created 2003-2010; compilations tracks, digital only tracks, and some previously unreleased tracks. All compositions are woven into a single semantic stream showing the cardiogram of the author's experiences. Since 2010 the project has been de facto “frozen” except for work on the track "Alone" for which Sergey Vasilyev read the poem by Edgar Allan Poe in 2016. Anthesteria is music of St. Petersburg - the dusky city standing on water and wind where most of the year one has to know how to keep warm. The theme of Winter is heard in every composition of the album in one way or another. However Winter here is not only a sign of desolation and death. Rays of the frozen sun find a direct way to the eyes of the listener and the feeling of the fresh breeze from the Gulf of Finland. Ltd x 345 copies in a digisleeve.

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