SMELL & QUIM - 'Jesus Christ / The Jissom Killers' 2 x CD


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Noise / Experimental / Industrial
Record Label:
Old Captain

Reissue of the long sought-after two early vinyl only releases from the grand UK noise masters, released two decades ago via Tesco Organisation and Stinky Horse Fuck labels. Smell & Quim is a freeform improvised noise band. Professionally remastered from the original Ampex 456 reels recorded in 1990 and 1991 respectively, this ouble disc pays homage to one of the most bizarre and unconventional projects in counter-culture. 100 minutes of evocative dark industrial and lo-fi noise to those who love Jesus in Quim. Ltd x 250 copies in a white 6-panel digisleeve, preserving the provocative and disturbing pictures of the original vinyl editions.

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