TENHORNEDBEAST - 'Death Has No Companion' CD (CSR227CD)


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Drone / Doom / Ritual
Record Label:
- Cold Spring -

Created from the solitude of the high and lonely places, Death Has No Companion uses the TenHornedBeast aesthetic to explore the isolation of the inner and outer worlds. Discordant piano chords build to shimmering blizzards of feedback. Drones and tones fall like snow and settle in the frozen landscapes. Strings flutter in the bitter winds. Does the spirit not falter when the Wanderer sees the night fall before him? Lamentation and sorrow. Winter eternal and everlasting. We all must walk the Long Road alone. Death has no companion. 6-panel digipak.

"Overall, the album evokes a haunted primeval land, sparsely populated and foreboding. Unseen dangers lurk nearby. But the traveler of this land is so caught up in his own sorrow that he may be oblivious to peril. Death Has No Companion is bleak, dark, and desperate, all good reasons to give it a listen even if nihilism is not your thing". (Avant Music News)

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