BAIN WOLFKIND - 'Hand Of Death' CD


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Lounge / Minimal / Electro
Record Label:
Hau Ruck!

Bain Wolfkind is back with his 8th release, Hand Of Death. With this album, Wolfkind has hung up his spurs and kicked off his cowboy boots to bring you 10 cold, minimal, synth-drenched tales of love, loss, betrayal and revenge, pimps, hookers, drug dealers, Jesus, serial killers and addiction. "Hand Of Death is inspired by some bitter arctic winters living in Little Odessa, immersed in the seedy Russian immigrant underbelly of Brooklyn, New York. It deals with the usual themes of my music – pimps, whores, drug dealers, serial killers and addiction. It's a colder, more electronic release than my last..." (Bain Wolfkind). Digipak. 

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