BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS - 'Uncle Billy / His Secret Secretions' 7"


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Experimental / Esoteric
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This EP sees COIL collaborators Massimo & Pierce (Anarcocks) in an electronic semi-operatic mode. Massimo's sonorous, warm, cavernous wails merge with the violin's reaching string fingers to provide what must be a raging spectacle when performed live. The underwater pounding thump is overwhelmed by his vocal, the siren strings exacerbating the expressed loss. This Burroughs tribute is their first fruit of a collaboration with Bahntier. Both tracks here have Massimo filling the songs with a human heart, mollifying the sharpened edges of the music. The addition of Roberto Budelo’s violin is an excellent counterpoint to the mutating precision of Pierce’s electronics. Ltd x 356 copies on milky white vinyl.

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