OF THE WAND AND THE MOON - 'Tunes For A Twilight Tears For A Lifetime' LP


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Heidrunar Myrkrunar

This album was originally conjured for the Operation Equinox US tour 2016 and portrays a more intimate version and live feel of songs. First released by Brave Mysteries on cassette tape in the US and by Tesco Germany Distribution in the EU. The 2 versions of the tape featured different songs. On this vinyl release all songs from the tapes have been compiled. Vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, recording and mix by Kim Larsen (White Chamber / Les Chasseurs De La Nuit / Solanaceae / Vril Jäger). Accordion & Melodica by Niels Rønne. Backing vocals on "We Are Dust" by Louise Nipper. Mastering by Robert Ferbrache (Changes). Comes in a bronze foilblocked print sleeve. Ltd x 250 copies on bronze coloured vinyl.

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