TALBOT - 'Scaled' CD


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Doom Metal
Record Label:
Obskure Sombre Records

"Scaled" is the second full-length album by the heaviest duo on Earth (and beyond). "They claim to be the loudest duo on the planet and on this showing I'm not doubting them. Comprised of Magnus Andre and Jarmo Nuutre they absolutely pummel you on opener 'Spectral Express' full of sprawling rhythm and dense heaviness, they do it with some catchy vocal passages that stick in the brain. 'EgoMine' continues, mixing a prog feel with almost demonic vocals, its mind bendingly brilliant. Scaled continues to astound with 'Shadowbird' a twelve minute excursion into pounding doom and sludge filled brilliance. It builds gradually from dirge like opening into more expensive and experimental territory. All six tracks on Scaled offer excellent listening and varying dynamics and I can't recommend it enough" (Echoes And Dust). Digipak.

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