Z'EV / FRANCISCO LOPEZ - 'Buzzin' Fly / Dormant Spores' CD


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Experimental / Noise
Record Label:
Black Rose Recordings

A sensational collaborative album between Z'EV, one of the forefathers of industrial music, and renowned Spanish artist Francisco Lopez. Z'EV's 'buzzin' fly (in loving memory of Tim Buckley)' is a full spectrum 32 minute piece full of dynamic shifts, sonic worlds and can be described as oceanic in feel. Lopez's 'dormant spores' takes 40 minutes to run it's course, and is perhaps a more meditative piece than Z'EV's, but no less challenging. Lopez skilfully crafts minimalist hypnotics that can be as destructive to delicate eardrums as they are captivating. Both works complement each other and form a powerful album. All sound sources were created individually by each artist, who then worked up their own track through the shared materials. Digipak.

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