LUNAR GRAVES - 'Cold Cosmic Ether' CD


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Experimental / Electro-Acoustic
Record Label:
Super Sargasso

Lunar Graves is an alias of Bloodless from Lima, Peru. A decade after Lunar Grave's very first breath, they cross over interdimensional portals, navigating through a bottomless limbo to bring its echo back. The Cold Cosmic Ether includes all the tracks from two demos ("Musique Bizarre" and "Fall Of The Moon"), and two split releases with Penetrator Hammer and Count Sinister, all released in extremely limited editions between 2007-2011. The tracks were NOT remastered for this release. Only minor volume modifications were made to some of them. The cover art was created by abstract painter Luis López Paulet. This will close the circle. 73 minutes of experimental / electro-acoustic muusic in a card slip. Peruvian import.

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