JIM HAYNES - 'Flammable Materials' LP


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Drone / Experimental / Noise
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Elevator Bath

The new album from Jim Haynes is a haunted and provocative endeavor, rust-covered and mysterious. It is the result of an immersive listening / recording process through which Haynes' singular techniques intersected with an unfamiliar, disquieting landscape. The album was mostly composed, recorded, and sketched during an Estonian residency at MoKS for the Active Crossover programme, pertaining to environmental recordings. The Estonian landscape is pocked with abandoned buildings of considerable size and decay. Many of the excursions engaged the large crumbling Soviet-era structures, capturing electro-magnetic disruptions and eerie and unsettling radio broadcasts. Bursts of static, pulsed noise, crackles, drones and atonal sinews of sustained frequency. Mastered by James Plotkin. Ltd x 300 copies on clear vinyl in a matte-finished sleeve. 

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