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Space Ambient
Record Label:
Infinite Fog Productions

A special album, different from earlier works of CBL - one hour of deepest Swedish space ambient tunes... one hour snatched from eternity... one hour of ethereal oblivion. Very Large Array (VLA) is a radio astronomy observatory located on the Plains of San Agustin, some 50 miles west of Socorro, New Mexico. It comprises 27 25-meter radio telescopes in a Y-shaped array and all the equipment, instrumentation, and computing power to function as an interferometer. Each of the massive telescopes is mounted on double parallel railroad tracks, so the radius and density of the array can be transformed to focus on particular bands of wavelength. Astronomers using the VLA have made key observations of black holes and protoplanetary disks around young stars, discovered magnetic filaments and traced complex gas motions at the Milky Way's center, probed the Universe's cosmological parameters, and provided new knowledge about the physical mechanisms that produce radio emission. Digipak. 

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