COBER ORD & THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT - 'Et Ils Franchirent Le Seuil' CD & 7"


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Drone / Ritual / Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Steelwork Maschine

This record is the fruit of a collaboration between two musical entities, both close to the environment that bred them, and is an answer to the derelict post-industrial era. The recording sessions took place on several days and locations keen to trance-inducing effect - such as a prehistoric cavern that was used for rituals for thousands of years. Those spaces are distinctly tangible through the recording, not limiting the music to a simple set of layers of rhythms and textures. Instruments range from acoustic traditional instruments to electronics through DIY lutherie and prepared instruments - traces of so many imperceptible influences. This project is beyond genre: dark ambient, industrial, drone, black metal, ritual music, improvised music. This album is totally written, and if the threshold is a gate to chaos, only one Order and one direction are possible. Ltd x 479 copies in a glossy gatefold 7" sleeve contining a mounted CD and grey 7" vinyl.

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