JFK - 'Nganga' LP


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Industrial / Noise
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Chondritic Sound

JFK is a solo project of Anthony Di Franco of Ramleh / Skullflower / AX, with early releases appearing on the excellent Broken Flag label. In Cuba, the term nganga refers to a certain creation made with an iron cauldron into which several items (such as bones and sticks) are placed. It also refers to the spirit of the dead that resides there. In Palo, it refers to an iron cauldron used to imprison evil spirits using chains, padlocks, knives, etc., which can be used for black magic. Dense metallic tones characteristic of Di Franco’s earlier AX pieces, constantly change and shift between crushingly oppressive and blissful overtones. These shards of sound spin seemingly out of control, at times kept in place with the assistance of staccato thuds, or the occasional blast of machine-gun rhythms. As the record draws to a close, the sounds of distress and collapse are relieved by a choir-like transformation, smothered under layers of distorted metal and synth. An almost devotional organ drone still manages to evoke the sinister - the proud architect of decay, surveying the results of their labor. Ltd x 300 copies.

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