KHOST - 'Governance' CD (CSR237CD)


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Doom Metal / Industrial
Record Label:
- Cold Spring -

“Governance” continues KHOST‘s immersion in themes of detachment and dissonance, and ruminates upon the exertion of wills that are not your own, and upon the ways to detect and trace the outlines of the presence(s) that may exert these daily wills upon you, day by day. It was written over the course of the 2016/17 Winter, during times of unease and sickness for the band, including one near-death experience. The resulting album is a hinterland of low resolution transmissions interspersed with broad concrete columns of distortion that loom suddenly from the dim landscape. Governance is like driving at night with your spirituality asleep at the wheel.

With demoralizing vocal terror, hypnotic nightmarescapes, frost-encrusted tones, and horrifying rhythms, KHOST’s Governance devastates the listener with nearly fifty minutes of entrancing yet hazardous tectonic doom-laced revulsion. Features guest appearances from Eugene Robinson (OXBOW), and Jo Quail, and includes a remix of the track ‘Coven’ by Tel Aviv artist Adrian Stainburner.

6-panel digipak.

"an aura of cult-like spiritual reverence... Governance deconstructs doom down to its base elements over 50 minutes, its hazardously industrial environs an exhausting maze of rubble that truly tests the stamina." (Metal Hammer)

"...referring to Khost as just an “industrial” or a “metal” band feels like it’s doing them a disservice. There’s certainly elements of both, but the duo are walking their own path, sounding more unique and defiant with each release, and Governance is the most well-realised vision yet of their lysergic nightmare-scapes." (The Quietus)

"Governance is certainly one of the most extraordinary releases of the year so far, and ultimately an extremely satisfying one" (9/10, Antichrist Magazine)

"Khost are masters of unease and on Governance they continue to evolve absorbing noise, ambient and experimental textures into their sample encrusted industrial doom. Uncompromising, brutal and thoroughly enthralling, Governance is a highpoint in Khost's brief discography." (Compulsion)

"Beware, this is one of the sickest, most brutal and mind confusing albums you'll have a chance to listen this year..." (Terra Relicta)

"Khost have dredged up a perfect soundtrack to the hell that is going on in the world during these terrible times, if anything it could help herald it onto the extinction that seems more and more inevitable on a daily basis... Governance could even be described as quite a harrowing listening experience" (Ave Noctum)

"Brutality pours out of Khost’s malevolent “Governance”. No light it allowed into these darkened gnarled soundscapes... Embracing the ugliest and most horrible of sound, Khost descend into the absolute abyss with the dominating power of “Governance”." (Beach Sloth)

"ではファンの期待を超える壮絶な重低音インダストリアル・サウンドが満載された凄まじい内容になっています!地獄の底から聞こえてくるような恐ろしく歪んだボーカ" (GHZ)

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