FALCATA DE FOGO - 'Falcata De Fogo' CD


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Dark Folk
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Heavy Drinkers Records

Falcata de fogo is a project of Lusitanian dark folk. Amidst the Montes de Maceira (Torres Vedras, Portugal), where the land meets the sea, in the year 2014 this Lusitanian tribe was born; children of the land and the sea, whose name is Falcata de Fogo. This is a project that aims to honour and dignify his ancestors through their ancient ritualistic and melodic sounds. Chosen by the great Goddess Ataegina, their show is more than a music concert, it is an epic history about the life of a Lusitanian tribe told live; war is their motto. Falcata De Fogo takes its audience intoto a trance, carrying them to the battle field of a distant past, to the sound of traditional musical instruments. We will meet in the battle field... that Trebaruna will guide you. File next to Arnica, The Joy Of Nature.

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