DIFFERENT STATE - 'More Than Music / It Cleans My Wounds' 2 x CD


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Industrial / Electronica / Illbient
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Over the course of more than 20 years Different State have created massive industrial metal through illbient structures and dub motives to esoteric electronica. Something that is a common denominator for all these sounds is their quality and uniqueness; an unspecified element that shows that the sounds came from the hands of Marek Marchoff and his companions. Two albums from the mid-noughties, originally only released on CDR, have been consolidated. "More than Music" (Requiem Records, 2005) and "It Cleans My Wounds" (0v0 Art Records, 2006) were strictly limited and copies have began to oxidize, hence the necessity for this CD-proper release. Ltd x 300 copies in a replica Japanese-style gatefold mini-LP sleeve.

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