SEETYCA 'Zwischenwelten' CD


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Dark Ambient
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"Zwischenwelten" is an immensely deep journey, characteristic of Seetyca’s music. The listener is pulled between worlds, shrouded in dense layers of fog or pinned to the edge of a scene, forced to watch as an observer, while the part plays out. Interspersed with environmental sounds, and both electronic and traditional instruments, "Zwischenwelten" is a beautiful, hypnotic album. It is laced with lush melodies, light ambient touches and otherworldly samples, which bring to this piece a welcome sense of detachment. Seetyca has been joined by a number of contributing artists including Thom Yeesland (ambient guitar sounds), Julian Eckstein (trombone) and Kris Caelis (glockenspiel and environmental sounds). Seetyca plays an array of instruments including e-maschinen, samplers, ocarina, recorder, zither and acoustic guitar. Just under 80 minutes of music. 6-panel digipak with design by Midnight Sun Studio, based upon original artwork from Edward Valerans III.

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